Join our free webinar for repair business owners and managers

The webinars are designed to empower participants with a clear understanding of what’s required to implement an effective, compliant net zero strategy and also achieve PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification.

There will be an opportunity to follow the journey of an independent repair business whose management team achieved PAS 2060 in December 2020 and now have in place an effectrive long-term strategy to deliver the mandatory year-on-year carbon footprint reductions required in the long term.

As an additional incentive, everyone who registers and attends the webinar will have their names put in a raffle to win a portable sanitising unit worth £499 from Eco Repair Systems.

  • What is the legal requirement for your business?
  • How is your business going to get to net zero?
  • What’s your starting point?
  • How do you calculate your current carbon footprint?
  • The webinar will be on Thursday 7 Octoberr at 10:30am
  • The webinar will be hosted by Dom Napier, an industry expert who specialises in measuring and reducing carbon footprint, PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification and putting in place effective net zero strategies.  
  • Participants will be able to post questions via the webinar chat function.
  • Spaces are limited on our webinars so please ensure you reserve your space early.